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Resturaunt Management System

The scope of the project is to develop and implement efficient Hospital Management System to facilitate the management in making informed decisions and ensuring optimum utilization of resources.

The proposed system will have following functionalities:

• Modular structure for easy implementation
• Integrated features
• User friendly
• Upgrade capability
• System security
• Management reports
• Minimum data entry
• Auto calculation where ever possible
• Inventory management

System Architecture
The System is window based with Clients and Server environment.

• No restrictions on number of clients connected to the server
• The server handles data service while clients has presentation and application services
• The system can be upgraded for remote connection for updates through dialup

Features Includes
The system will have following integrated features:

• Patient registration
• OPD/Specialist Appointments
• SMO/DMO module
• Specialist module
• Gynecologist Monitoring Module
• Prescription & Tests, Patient History
• Laboratory
• Radiology
• Dispensary
• Main Medical Store
• Inventory Store
• Hospitalization/Ward management
• Management Reports
• Security

Patient Registration
The system will be capable to register patients as well as transfer this data from an existing database. Issue registrations cards if required.

OPD Appointments
The system will be capable to have centralized as well as distributed reception to handle flow at OPD. This ensures even distribution of patient load for duty staff and related data being available to DMO. Patient vital signs can be monitored at reception.

Prescription, Tests & Referral
DMO can easily add drugs, tests and referrals to prescription. The system has the capability to enter disposal, refer to specialist etc.

AER Medical Checkup
AER can be processed separately and monitored.

Patient History
Doctor can see the patient history, previous prescriptions, previous test results and vital signs.

Laboratory & Radiology Dept
Laboratory & Radiology departments are integrated. The tests are directly shown in the lab once prescribed by the doctor. All essential data is already available, only the results and comments need to be filled in. Once reports are completed these are available to the doctor.

The system will have online Pharmacy. The availability of drugs is integrated with DMO's prescription system. In case a drug is not available, automatically LP process is initiated. It has online ordering system with Main Store and inventory is automated..

Medical Store
The system provides integrated inventory and ordering system for the Medical Store. Ordering and issue processes have been automated to reduce paper work, while keeping a transparent inventory system. LP processing is automated and can be customized.

Inventory Store
Articles other than the medicines are managed through Inventory Store.

The system will have an integrated Hospital module with following main features:

• Patient admission
• Ward management
• Treatments
• Pharmacy
• Stores
• Staff deployment
• Documentation

The system has numerous built-in reports for various functions for both daily operations and management. These reports can be customized according to user needs during implementation process.

System maintains high level of security. It has following features:

• To access the system user must have a valid User ID and password
• User can only access the areas defined in the privileges by the system administrator

Application Specifications
• Front end: VB 6.0
• Back end: SQL 7/ 2000
• Forms/Reports: Crystal reports

System Software Requirements

• Windows NT Server / Windows 2000 Server
• RDBMS (SQL Server 7 or 2000)

• Windows 98 SE/ Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows NT

System Hardware Requirements

• Dual Processor Pentium III 800MHz or faster
• Min 256 Mb. (Recommended RAM 512 MB)
• 2X80 GB
• 52XCDR
• 56k Ext Modem
• LAN Card
• Standard Computer peripherals devices (Monitor Mouse, Keyboard etc.)
• Switch 16 port (Depending on no. of users)
• 1.5kva UPS
• Printer

Client Station
• Processor Pentium III
• Min RAM 128 MB (recommended 256 MB)
• 40 GB HDD
• Standard Computer peripherals devices (Monitor Mouse, Keyboard etc.)
• LAN Card
• Printer (where necessary to get printed output)

The concerned staff will be trained on site during the implementation process and User Manual will be provided.

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